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Dr. Clarel

Compassionate Care

for Women's Health

Welcome to the private practice website of Dr. Clarel Antoine

The art of compassion and mindfulness in medicine signifies C.A.R.E.


Bringing greater awareness to the global community around Cesarean safety, Placenta Accreta and the need for compassionate care for women


Sharing innovations and championing advancements in obstetrical surgeries and treatments for expanded physician knowledge and better patient outcomes


Groundbreaking research and smart surgical techniques combined with unwavering commitment to share the benefits of compassionate patient care


Strengthening understanding through education, training and sharing of best practices to create a standard that protects women's health


Man On 
A Mission

Clarel Antoine M.D.

Dr. Antoine's mission revolves fully around compassion, which he believes is essential to providing quality care. He greets and treats each patient with dignity and respect and has made it his life’s purpose to ensure that women receive exceptional care. Following his number one rule – teaching by example – he improves the outcomes of office consultations as well as in hospital procedures. In obstetrics, after assisting during labor, he is uniquely gleeful at the birth of the newborn. His masterful surgical skills are always in full display while teaching, training, and sharing innovations in obstetrical surgeries and treatments. He pioneered cesarean surgical techniques to improve the health of women locally, nationally and worldwide.


In many ways, Dr. Antoine’s life purpose has become to relieve women from the adverse consequences of Cesarean section and improve the outcomes of procedures. His passionate goal is to ensure that women are getting the best obstetrical care and to reduce the unintended consequences of cesarean deliveries.